Canoe & kayak transport in the Bergslagen region in Sweden

Transport of canoes and kayaks in The Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve and to Bergslagen's other 20 canoe trails.

Specialized in canoe & kayak transport in Bergslagen

Nordic Discovery is specialized in canoe transport and has knowledge and experience with all of the canoe trails in Bergslagen. Participants and equipment are transported with vehicles and trailers. Nordic Discovery provides a very good transport service along the canoe trails in Västmanland and the south of Dalarna.

Rent of canoes, kayaks and bicycles/transport day outside of the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve 

Day/transport dayWeek with 2 transport days
Double kayaks18008100

The price/day whithout transport is 450 SEK for canoes and kayaks and 900 SEK for double kayaks. The extra charge for transport days refers to loading, unloading, packing and strapping of hired material.

Group discount - Free canoe & kayak transport for groups

Nordic Discovery’s favorable transport system offers free transport of hired canoes and kayaks to all rivers in Bergslagen, based on a group discount. The discount system also works out very well for paddlers paddling for a long time. The transport is free of charge when the price of hired canoes is higher than the price in the price list below. The price listed below is the minimum price for obtaining the transport service free of charge. When the price of hired canoes is lower than the price in the price list, then the difference between the price list and the price of hired canoes is what you pay for transport service.

Clients book the time when they plan to finish their trip and Nordic Discovery schedules the pick-up of hired equipment for that day and time. As it is difficult to plan where the finishing point is going to be on longer trips, Nordic Discovery is flexible about where the final pick-up point is going to be. Clients confirm the final pick-up point by phone before the agreed time of pick up.

If the logistics work (In case Nordic Discovery will drive the actual road in order to get to or back from the Canoe Center in Kloten), the drivers get a free ride back to the starting point. Transfers for all paddlers are available at an additional cost.

The transport of hired canoes is connected with a discount system which makes the charge of transport smaller when the numbers of canoes is increasing. In addition, becomes the price of transport less per person when the number of paddlers is increasing as more paddlers share the charge of transport. Groups which have the whole canoe transport discounted pay 450 SEK/person and transport day (with 2 paddlers/canoe) regardless of which canoe trail in Bergslagen the group is paddle. In the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve (and along other canoe trails except the 2 transport days) the price is 225 SEK/person and day (with 2 paddlers/canoe).

Transport of hired canoes and kayaks to different rivers in Bergslagen

Prices in SEK

Rivers1 transport day

Transport free of charge on canoe rent over
2 transport days

Transport free of charge on canoe rent over
Canoe trail number on the map
All lakes in The Nature Reserve Maligsbo-Kloten180036001
Kopparberg270054005, 6
Norberg45009000Information on request
Arbogaån south of Väringen5400108008
Hjälmare kanal6300126009
The west part of Mälaren63001260010
Jernleden45009000Information on request
Malingarna-Ludvika45009000Information on request
Svartån in Västmanland & Svartån i Närke 630012600Information on request
Svartälven & Mångsälven630012600Information on request
Other canoe trailsAfter agreementAfter agreementInformation on request

Canoe & kayak service to Bergslagen's 20 canoe trails

1) The Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve >>
2) Middle Hedströmmen >>
3) Lower Hedströmmen >>
4) Gunnilboån >>
5) Nittälven >>
6) Garhytteån/Northern Arbogaån >>
7) Bottenån/Borsån/Southern Arbogaån >>
8) Arbogaån/Southern Arbogaån >>
9) Hjälmare Kanal >>
10) Mälaren >>
11) Strömsholms Kanal >>
12) Rastälven >>
13) Järleån >>
Svartån in Västmanland
Dalälven (Borlänge-Avesta)

All canoeing and kayaking equipment is included:

Life jackets, paddles (which are available in children’s sizes), canoe trolleys (spray covers for the kayaks) and canoe trail descriptions with maps are included in the rent of canoes and kayaks. 

 The equipment, which is from 2023-2018 is of good quality and in good shape. All other camping equipment can be hired. Read more about the additional equipment for rent: Price list >> 

Information about canoeing and trip proposals

Nordic Discovery's personal service includes canoeing information and trip proposals. On arrival, a briefing about the canoe trails and the area will be held in front of the maps. Assistance with getting into the canoes and basic instructions are provided upon request.

Certified Canoe Center

Nordic Discovery is a certified Canoe Center in accordance with the Swedish National Canoe Association's standards. 

"You can feel secure when you contact a certified Canoe Center, then you know that the safety and the information is taken care of according to certain standards"

The Swedish Canoe Association

Book canoes, kayaks and transport in Bergslagen

900 SEK/canoe and kayak /transport day outside of the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve. 450 SEK/canoe and kayak/day without transport.

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