Kayak rental - Rent of sea kayaks in Sweden

Kayak rental in Sweden - Rent of sea kayaks in the kayaking paradise, the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve, 2,5 hours drive from the Swedish capital Stockholm.

Kayaks which everyone can paddle

The kayaks at the kayak rental are stable sea kayaks with broad waist constructed to manage big waves and strong winds in sea conditions.

"We are very selective when we choosing equipment. The priority was to find a kayak which everyone could paddle. I am 194 cm tall and cannot enter the cockpit in approximately 70 % of the kayak brands on the market. The kayak should even be able fit a tall person who has also put on many extra kilos. So far we have not had a customer who hasn't been able to enter the cockpit on our single and double kayaks. We are very satisfied with the selected brands of kayaks."

Mikael Nilsson. Nordic Discovery

One client 194 cm in height and130 kg in weight has been kayaking three days with additional camping equipment, food etc. It worked out well, but people weighing over 130 kilograms will have trouble getting in and out of the kayaks.

The kayaks

The kayaks are made out of polyethylene and have 2 waterproof containers. The hull is round to flat with sharp bow and stern which give a very direction steady kayak. The packing volume is sufficient for excursions lasting several days. The water-proof containers have a 105 litre capacity. As a reference point it is equal to a big hiking backpack. The cockpit area holds approximately 60 litre more. In the cockpit, it is recommended to pack in water-proof sacks (available for rent). Equipped with soft back support, fixed foot supports (which cater to a variety of leg lengths) and net on the bow.

Type of kayak:Sea kayak
Brand:Oasis Expedition
Length:433 cm
Width:63 cm
Weight:20 kg
Cockpit:83 x 48 cm
Equipment dated from: 2023-2020
Packing volume, front hatch:40 litre
Packing volume, back hatch:65 litre
Total volume:370 litre
Number of kayaks:25
Price/day in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve:450 SEK
Price/week in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve:2700 SEK

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450 SEK/kayak /day in the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve.

2700 SEK/kayak/week in the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve.

The double kayaks

 A very direction steady, high-quality double kayak. The double kayak is recommended for couples when one person feels uncomfortable about kayaking on their own, and for families when the children are too young to paddle in their own kayak. In both cases, the double kayak offers the perfect way to do something active together on the same terms. In this way, both paddlers get a good excursion where the potential irritation caused by waiting is avoided. Instead, double kayaking is something you really do together. A recommended alternative for a successful introduction to kayaking and excursions in the nature. We have seen many examples of skeptic paddlers who have been introduced to  kayaking successfully with the help of a double kayak. Something which has resulted in an interest in  kayaking, happiness and a stronger relationship. The kayaks are made out of polyethylene with 2 waterproof containers and one smaller compartment for valuables. The packing volume is sufficient for excursions lasting several days. The hull is round to flat. Equipped with soft back support, foot support and net on the bow.

Type of kayak:Sea kayak
Brand:Prijon Excursion
Length:518 cm
Width:72 cm
Weight:40 kg
Cockpit:92 x 45 cm
Equipment dated from:2020-2018
Packing volume, front hatch:65 litre
Packing volume, back hatch:130 litre
Number of double kayaks:4
Price/person/day in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve:450 SEK (price/double kayak: 900 SEK)
Price/person/week in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve:2700 SEK (price/double kayak: 5400 SEK)

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900 SEK/kayak /day in the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve.

5400 SEK/canoe and kayak/week in the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve.

Kayak rental - All kayak equipment is included in the rent of kayaks

Life jackets, paddles (child paddles for the children), spray covers, kayak trolleys and canoe trail descriptions with maps are included with kayak rental. The equipment, which dated from 2023 - 2020 is of good quality and in good shape.

All other camping equipment can be hired. Read more about the additional equipment for rent: Price list >>

Information about kayaking and trip proposals

Nordic Discovery's personal service includes information about kayaking and trip proposals. On arrival a briefing about the canoe trails and the area will be held in front of the maps. Assistance with getting into the kayaks and basic instructions are provided upon request. Read about the canoe trails and the kayaking in the area >>

Certified Canoe & Kayak Center

Nordic Discovery is a certified Canoe & Kayak Center in 
accordance with the Swedish National Canoe Association's standards.
"You can feel secure if you contact a certified Canoe & Kayak Center, then you know that the safety and the information is taken care of according to certain standards"
The Swedish Canoe Association

 How to pack a kayak?

The packing space in a kayak is limited compared to the packing space in a canoe. Packing a kayak is a little bit like putting a puzzle together: it is best to pack one thing at a time. The kayaks have waterproof hatches in the front and in the back. It is recommended that you pack in plastic bags, as other bags will limit the packing space. On overnight excursions, the space between your the legs in the cockpit should also be used. It is recommended that you have a water-proof sack of 40 litre capacity between your legs. Water-proof sacks of the recommended size are available for rent. More about additional equipment >>

How steady is a sea kayak?

Some people are unwarrantedly skeptic about kayak paddling. The bad reputation comes from a time before sea kayaks turned up on the market. Before, only competition kayaks existed, and these kayaks which are constructed in a completely different way to the sea kayaks. A competition kayak is constructed to be as fast as possible, with as little resistance as possible: therefore, the waist is extremely narrow and it has very poor stability. The sea kayak offers the opposite qualities: a kayak with a broad waist that offers as much stability as possible. A sea kayak is a kayak that everyone can paddle without previous experience, and the kayak is at least as stable as the traditional canoe (the Canadian canoe). Nordic Discovery's personal service includes assistance with getting into the kayaks and basic instructions upon request.

 A Kayak Center with top location

The Kayak Center is strategically located in the middle of the wilderness, in a big Nature Reserve between two nice canoe trails.

The Kayak Station is open daily 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM from 1 May - 30 September.

From 1 October - 30 April it is open daily (bookings are required)

The break-up of the ice is at the middle of April and the freeze-up is in the middle of November. Road descriptions to the Canoe Center >>

Which is more fun to paddle: canoe or sea kayak?

Doubtless: The sea kayak. The sea kayaks have added a new, exciting dimension to outdoor life.

Nordic Discovery on Facebook

Photos and movies are posted ongoing on Nordic Discovery's Facebook site. For direct and fast information, the recommendation is to follow the Facebook blog bellow:

The kayaks are made out of the modern, strong, hard, plastic material, polyethylene. There are 25 single kayaks and 4 double kayaks in the fleet. The kayaks are transported in Västmanland and the south of Dalarna on bookings. The fleet also contains 50 canoes.

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