The Canoe Trail Nittalven - Spring canoeing & kayaking in flowing water with rapids 

The Canoe Trail Nittalven curls through a deep and beautiful pine forest. The forest is located on top of a bank of sand. At some places, the river has broken through and continued straight forward instead of taking its old, meandering path. The remains are small oxbow lakes.

The flip side of the coin, however, is that the river is impassable when the water level is normal. The stretch with start 1 km north of Kolbron is only passable in spring or after long periods of heavy rain, when the water level is very high. Earlier, the spring canoeing started at Uvbergsbron, but canoeing along that stretch has stopped since 2020.

The Canoe Trail Nittalven - The canoeing and kayaking alternativ in April

The spring canoeing along the Canoe Trail Nittalven an average year: The time to paddle the Canoe Trail Nittalven is in April. Recommended is to schedule the paddling the two first weeks in April. These two weeks are the safest weeks as the start of the snow melting sometimes differ from year to year. Canoeing and kayaking north of, 1 km south of Kolbron should not be planned after April (a spring with average snow melting conditions).

Nittalven from year 2021 - The stretch Uvbergsbron to 1 km north of Kolbron is not possible to canoe any longer 

There has been changes along the rapids along Nittalven in order to improve for the fish. Stones and rocks has been spread out in all rapids and the canoe trail from Uvbergsbron to 1 km north of Kolbron has been destroyed.

Once this was an excellent canoe trail.


The stretch, starting 1 km north of Kolbron, still works at really high water levels

From the starting point 1 km north of Kolbron there are two rapids left. The rapid at Kolbron and the rapid 1 km south of Kolbron. Here, also, many stones and rocks has been spread out in the rapids, something that definitely hasn't improved the canoeing, but canoeing in these two rapids still works at high water levels.

The best time to canoe along Nittalven 

The canoe trail Nittalven is always best right after the ice has been released. A date that always varies and which is dependent on the current snow melting.

The best time to canoe along Nittalven the spring 2024

The spring canoeing in flowing water with easy rapids has ended.

Nordic Discovery has full control on the snow-melting  and we will advise the predicted snow melting forecast at the end of March 2025.

The Canoe Trail Nittalven at normal water level

At normal water level, the lower part of of the canoe trail Nittalven can still be paddled, with start 1 km south of Kolbron, from there he canoe trail Nittalven is always passable, and the paddling down to Ljusnaren makes a nice one-day paddling trip. To extend the paddling to two days, it is recommended to paddle down to the untouched lake, Salbosjön. Another alternative is to paddle from Ljusnaren up to Havsjömossen on Day One, and back to Ljusnaren on Day Two. A good place to finish the trip and park your car is at Djäken's swimming place, at the east side of the lake, Ljusnaren.

The Canoe Trail Nittalven 

Degree of difficulty: Medium difficult due to some fallen trees.
Kolbron-Kopparberg: 27 km, 65% river paddling.
Havsjömossen-Kopparberg: 24 km, 60% river paddling.
Portages: At high water level the first rapids offer white water paddling. There are no portages until after the lake Ljusnaren.
Landscape description: Wilderness until the lake Ljusnaren.
The rain and wind shelters have good, strong fire places, dry toilets and firewood.
The canoe trail continues to Garhytteån (Arbågaån Norra) via a portage 400 m in length.
A good canoe trail description with map is included in the hire of equipment.
Free transport of hired equipment for hires over 3600 SEK/transport day.
Kopparberg: Free transport of hired equipment for hires over 2700 SEK/transport day.

The Canoe Trail Nittalven - Canoe trail description & maps

The information north of Kolbron is no longer valid.

The Canoe Trail Nittalven - Recommended canoeing schedule 

1 day:
Start: 1 km north of Kolbron. Kolbron, or 1 km south of Kolbron depending on the prevailing water level.
Lunch: Havsjömossen or Nittbo.
Finish: Djäken's swimming place.

2 days:
Start: Start: 1 km north of Kolbron. Kolbron, or 1 km south of Kolbron depending on the prevailing water level.
Lunch: Havsjömossen.
Camping: Storsand (at the north-west shore of Salbosjön).
Lunch: Nittbo.
Finish: Skäret (or Djäken's swimming place).

3 days:
Start: Start: 1 km north of Kolbron. Kolbron, or 1 km south of Kolbron depending on the prevailing water level.
Lunch: Havsjömossen.
Camping: Storsand (at the north-west shore of Salbosjön).
Lunch: Nittbo.
Camping: At the rain and wind shelter at Olofssjön.
Lunch: At Zara's pizzeria which is located at the portage in Kopparberg.
Finish: Just before the river forks in Bångbro.

Smaller groups - Sharing of the canoe transport to Nittalven

In order to reduce the costs of the canoe transport for smaller groups, Nordic Discovery has a list of paddlers interested in sharing the canoe transport to Nittalven during the weekends in April. If more canoes are driven to the river, the costs of transport per canoe will be smaller. Something that suits small parties. Adaptation to the start and finishing times applies to all paddlers. For interest of sharing the canoe transport to Nittalven >>

Where to start canoeing along the Canoe Trail Nittalven in relation to the current water level? 

Nordic Discovery has very good knowledge about the  Canoe Trail Nittalven and the changes of the water level and will tell where to start according to the current conditions. Call or e-mail for current water level information >>

Canoe & kayak transport one way - Half the cost on material transport

Just before the division of the river in Bångbro (South of Kopparberg), Nordic Discovery has a branch rental where it is possible to leave canoes and kayaks. If you choose to finish your trip and leave your material there only transport of canoes and kayaks to the starting point is needed. Specified times for the return of rented material may occur.

Read about canoe transport >>

Book canoes, kayaks and transport to Nittalven

900 SEK/canoe and kayak /transport day. 450 SEK/canoe and kayak/day without transport.

The price applies to full group discount of the costs of canoe transports to and from Nittälven. With bookings of low numbers of canoes, please check the price list for canoe transport before booking.

Packrafting and transfers along Nittalven 

Packrafting still works along the entire Nittalven. Nordic Discovery don't have a packraft rental, but have very good knowledge about Nittalven and have minibuses for transfer on hand. The price for transfer from Kopparberg to Uvbergsbron or Kolbron is 1500 SEK one way.

Book transfers from Kopparberg to Nittälven >>

Where to canoe and kayak when Nittalven doesn't work?

The alternative canoe trail, when Nittalven doesn't work is the wilderness canoeing and kayaking in the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve. Canoeing and kayaking in the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve >>

Canoe & kayak service to Bergslagen's 20 canoe trails

1) The Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve >>
2) Middle Hedstrommen >>
3) Lower Hedstrommen >>
4) Gunnilboan >>
5) Nittalven >>
6) Garhyttean / Northern Arbogaan >>
7) Bottenan / Borsan / Southern Arbogaån >>
8) Arbogaan / Southern Arbogaan >>
9) Hjalmare Kanal >>
10) Malaren >>
11) Stromsholms Kanal >>
12) Rastalven >>
13) Jarlean >>
Malingen - Ludvika 
Svartan in Vastmanland
Dalalven (Borlange - Avesta)

Read about canoe transport >>

Long paddling options in Bergslagen

135 km: Paddle from Lillang (North of Norrsjon) to the lake, Hjalmaren (Canoe trails 6-9). 135 km of paddling on 2 weeks. The Canoe Trail continues all the way down to the lake, Malaren, but changes name several times.

260 km: Paddle from Lillang (North of Norrsjon) to the lake, Malaren (Canoe trails 6-8). Paddle through Malaren (10) and paddle the Stromsholms kanal (11) "upstream". 260 km of paddling on 4,5 weeks.

The stretch from Lillang to Malaren or Hjalmaren (Canoe trails 6-8/9) should not be undertaken without a saw and a portion of adventure guts.

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