Wilderness Lodge - Accommodation in the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve

Accommodation with self-catering facilities in the heart of the outdoor paradise, the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve, 2,5 hours drive from the Swedish capital Stockholm.

The Wilderness Lodge is located in the village Kloten 50 meters away from Nordic Discovery's Adventure Center.

The perfect base for outdoor adventures

Plenty of activities offer the opportunity to discover the wilderness all around the year. Rent of canoes, kayaks, rowboats, bicycles, ice skates and snowshoes. Beaver and moose safaris.
There are three lakes within short walking distance from the Wilderness Lodge. The closest lake is 50 meters away and offer lake view from the balcony and from some of the rooms. There is a nice swimming place 300 meters from the Lodge.

Traditional red Swedish house with big rooms and comfortable beds

With only four bedrooms, the  Wilderness Lodge is small and familiar and the maximum numbers of guests in the house is limited to 8 guests in total. The reason for not accepting more guests in the Wilderness Lodge is to obey the Swedish fire departments requested rules.

The double room - The moose room

Room with lake and garden view. Up to hotel standards with shared bathroom. The beds are arranged to double or single beds after bookings. 

Price: 450 SEK/person

The triple room - The beaver room

Room with lake and garden view. Up to hotel standards with shared bathroom. The beds are arranged to double or single beds after bookings. 

Price: 450 SEK/person

The quadruple room - The bear room

Private room up to hotel standards with private bathroom. The beds are arranged to double or single beds after bookings. The room has space for an extra bed if needed.

Price: 500 SEK/person

The family room - The wolf room

Big room with big windows and view over the village square. The room has 8 beds and shared bathroom. 

Price: 400 SEK/person

The prices refers to stays with private sheets (sleeping bags are not allowed and stays without sheets is not an option).

Additional options: sheets and towels for the stay, 100 SEK. 

 The rooms are booked per person, regardless of the numbers of beds per room. Example: if two persons wish a double room with a private bathroom, they will stay in the quadruple room for the price of two persons. The rooms are private, not mixed rooms with other people.
If you are by yourself and wish a private room, the supplement for a single room is 200 SEK/night.

Lake view from nice and south facing terrace

The Wilderness Lodge has a nice terrace overlooking the closest lake, 50 meters away.


All food has to be bought before you travel to the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve. There are no supermarkets in the wilderness. The Wilderness Lodge has a refrigerator, a fully-equipped kitchen and a dining room.


The Wilderness Lodge is located in the small village, Kloten, between Skinnskatteberg and Kopparberg along road 233. Safe and free car parking lot in front of the Lodge. The reception is located 50 meters away at Nordic Discovery’s Adventure Center. Road descriptions >>

Window view

 Wild and Nordic animals like moose, beaver, wolf, deer, fox and plenty of birds are sometimes to been seen from the balcony. Howling wolfs can occasionally be heard at night. Excellent fishing and good hiking trails. Nice forests for berry and mushroom picking. Read more about Kloten and the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve >>

Winter nights

During the winter, you can spend your evenings in front of the warm fireplace.
The house and the rooms have central heating which is in use during the cold part of the year.

Opening hours

1 May - 30 September: The reception is open daily 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM.

1 October- 30 April: Open daily (bookings are required).


Wi-Fi connection is available inside and outside of the Wilderness Lodge.

Accommodation in the Wilderness Lodge

400-500 SEK /person, depending on the choice of room.

Nice swimming place 300 meters from the Wilderness Lodge

Follow the path along the water front.

The swimming place 300 meters from the Wilderness Lodge

The nice swimming place 300 meters from the Wilderness Lodge. Follow the path along the water front.

Publicerat av Wilderness Lodge den 19 juni 2014

Moose stroll at the Wilderness Lodge

The moose walked right over the willage square.

Moose on the square

Moose on a stroll on the square in Kloten, before getting scared and hiding for safety behind the Wilderness Lodge. www.wildernesslodge.se

Publicerat av Nordic Discovery den 20 februari 2013

The Wilderness Lodge on Facebook

Photos and movies are posted ongoing on Wilderness Lodge's Facebook site. For direct and fast information, the recommendation is to follow the Facebook blog bellow:

Rent the Wilderness Lodge

6 000 SEK /night or 30 000 SEK/week.

Wilderness Cottage

If the Wilderness Lodge is full, rooms will be offered at the same prices and premises at the Wilderness Cottage. The Wilderness Cottage is located on a small hill, 150 meters north of the lodge.

The Wilderness Cottage has 3 rooms and 8 beds and it's the perfect place for the smaller group that want to hire their own house.

Read about the Wilderness Cottage >>

River Lodge 

An active excursion destination in the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve's wilderness.

To reach River Lodge, you can canoe, kayak, cycle or hike through pristine nature. River Lodge is situated along the canoe trail, the bicycle trail and the hiking  trail in the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve in Sweden.

Read about River Lodge >>

Dogs at Nordic Discovery's Lodges

Dogs are not allowed at all rooms at Nordic Discovery's Lodges, and dogs are only allowed if the dogs are staying on the floor, if the dogs are house trained, don’t do any damage to the house and not harm other guests. The additional price for dogs is 250 SEK/dog and night.

I have a dog and want to bring the dog according to whats written above >>

A recurring problem is that the dog owners say that their dogs should be on the floor, but once the dogs are at the place, the dogs are still lying in beds, sofas and armchairs, something that is not OK.

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