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Moose safaris, beaver safaris, canoe tours, kayak tours, MTB tours, hiking tours, ski touring tours, ice-skating tours and wolf tracking tours in Sweden's biggest Nature Reserve.

Canoe rental, kayak rental, bicycle rental, mountainbike rental, rowboat rental, ice skate rental, snow shoe rental and rent of camping equipment in the  Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve in Sweden.

Lodge accommodation and rent of holiday house next door to Nordic Discovery's Adventure Center.

Beaver safari in Sweden - A real nature experience 

The chances of seeing wild beavers in their natural habitat are very high. Many beavers were spotted on most beaver safaris since year 2003.  Read about beaver safari >>

Moose safari in Sweden - Meet the Swedish National Symbol in the wild

Plenty of wild moose have been spotted on all moose safaris since 2003. On the worst safari tour, we saw 1 moose. On the best safari tour, we watched 34 moose. Read about moose safari >>

Canoeing & kayaking tours through the Swedish wilderness

Guided canoeing and kayaking tour through the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve's wilderness.  Read about canoeing and kayaking tours >>

MTB tours through the Swedish wilderness

Guided MTB tour through the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve's wilderness. Read about the MTB tours >>

Hiking tour through the Swedish wilderness

Guided hiking tour through the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve's wilderness.  Read about the hiking tours >>

Canoe rental in Sweden

Rent of canoes in the canoeing paradise, the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve in Sweden. Read about canoeing and kayaking >>      Read about canoe rental >>

Kayak rental in Sweden

Kayak rental  in the kayaking paradise, the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve in Sweden. Read about kayaking >>             Read about kayak rental >>

Winter tours in Sweden

 Guided ice skating, snow shoeing and skiing tours. The snow shoeing tours are tracking tours on wolves.  Read about the wolf tracking tour >>        Read about the ice skating tour >>        Read about the ski touring tour >>

Join the wilderness adventures in Sweden

Join to see beavers swimming along winding rivers. Watch the majestic moose walking through the deep forest. Experience the gatherings around campfires and find the peace of nature in the Swedish wilderness. The nature experiences possible in The Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve are many and exciting.

Howling wolves can be heard at night

The Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve in southern Dalarna and northern Västmanland is one of the biggest nature reserves in Sweden. High hills and deep valleys surround a long stretch of excellent paddling water with steep cliffs descending dramatically into the river along narrow stretches. The wilderness is located on top of a higher plateau and the wildlife is rich. There are a lot of moose, deer and beavers but also lynxes, wolves and bears are represented. The chances of seeing lynxes, wolves and bears are, however, very slim because the animals are low in number and very shy. Sometimes howling wolves can be heard at night. Moose, deer and beavers are more common. The reserve is one of the most moose-populated areas in the world and one of few wolf territories in Sweden. None of the animals pose a threat to humans. Read about canoe rental >>        Read about kayak rental >>

The closest wilderness

The beautiful and untouched nature reserve is classified as central Europe's closest wilderness: 2.5 hours journey (200 km) by car from the Swedish capital, Stockholm. The nature reserve has an abundance of good canoeing, bicycling and hiking trails and is very well looked after. Along the trails there are a great number of rest areas with sturdy rain and wind shelters. At the rest areas there are good, strong fireplaces in front of each rain and wind shelter. Nordic Discovery's Adventure Center is located in the small village, Kloten, between Skinnskatteberg and Kopparberg along road 233. Road description >>

What makes the area unique ?

The forest has been protected from development since 1950, when the wilderness become a nature reserve which is the reason why the forest has been left in peace and why the wilderness still is a popular retreat for many wild animals. A common sight in the rest of mid Sweden is the presents of vacation houses. The absence of vacation houses and a very rich wildlife makes the nature reserve unique from the rest of central Sweden. Read about the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve >>

What does The Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve look like ?

The trailer "Canoeing and wildlife in the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve", on the face book site bellow give a good explanation about the canoeing and the wildlife in the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve.

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