Wilderness Cottage - Traditional red painted holiday house in Sweden

Picturesque house in the heart of the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve, 2,5 hours drive from the Swedish capital Stockholm.

Plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, nature experiences and wildlife watching.

The Wilderness Cottage is located on a small hill, 150 meters north of the Wilderness Lodge. The same prices and premises are valid at the Wilderness Lodge and at the Wilderness Cottage for short-term stays. To the Wilderness Lodge  >>

The Wilderness Cottage has a fully-equipped kitchen and 3 bedrooms. There are 8 beds, which are divided between 2 double rooms and 1 family room. The living area is on 78 m2 and the big garden covers an area of 2380 m2. There is a big veranda with a wood heated bath barrel overlooking  the garden.
The house and the rooms have central heating which is in use during the cold part of the year.

Location between three lakes

The Wilderness Cottage is located between three lakes. There is approximately 200 meters to each lake and there is a nice swimming place approximately 400 meters from the Wilderness Cottage.

Window view

Wild and Nordic animals like moose, wolf, deer, fox and plenty of birds are sometimes to been seen from the veranda. Howling wolfs can occasionally be heard at night. Excellent fishing and good hiking trails. Nice forests for berry and mushroom picking. Read more about Kloten and the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve >>

Rent the house

One night: 3 000 SEK. 8 beds. 375 SEK/bed/person.

One week: 15 000 SEK. 8 beds. 268 SEK/bed/person/night.

Applies for a maximum of 8 persons. Accommodation in Kloten for more than 8 persons >>

Rent the Wilderness Cottage

3000 SEK /night or 15 000 SEK/week.

Rent the rooms separately

The rooms can also be hired separately as follow:

The double room - The Lynx Room

Room with garden view. Up to hotel standards with shared bathroom. The beds are arranged to double or single beds after bookings.
Price: 500 SEK/person

The double room - The Forest Room

Room with garden view. Up to hotel standards with shared bathroom. The room has 2 separated beds.
Price: 500 SEK/person

The family room - The Deer Room

Family room with view over the forest. The quadruple bedroom has one double bed, one bunk bed and shared bathroom.

Price: 500 SEK/person

The prices refers to stays with private sheets (sleeping bags are not allowed and stays without sheets is not an option).

Additional options: sheets and towels for the stay, 100 SEK. 

The rooms are booked per person, regardless of the numbers of beds per room. Example: If two persons want a double room, they can stay in the four-bed room for the price of two persons. The rooms are private, not mixed rooms with other people.

If you are by yourself and wish a private room, the supplement for a single room is 200 SEK/night.

Rent rooms in the Wilderness Cottage

500 SEK /person.


All food has to be bought before you travel to the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve. There are no supermarkets in the wilderness. The Wilderness Cottage has a refrigerator and a fully-equipped kitchen.

The Wilderness Cottage is located in the small village, Kloten, between Skinnskatteberg and Kopparberg along road 233. Safe and free car parking lot in front of the Cottage. The reception is located 100 meters away at Nordic Discovery’s Adventure Center. Road descriptions >>


Wi-Fi connection is free and available inside and outside of the Wilderness  Cottage.

Wood heated bath barrel and sauna 

There is a wood heated bath barrel at the corner of the big veranda, and a sauna in the basement. 

Wood heated bath barrel: 2000 SEK/occasion. 1750 SEK when the clients are involved in the 6 hours preparing process (filling up new water and heating). Available 15th of April - 15th of October.

Sauna: 100 SEK/person (minimum 500 SEK/occasion). The sauna has an electrical heater and the dressing room a wood heated fireplace which will be lighted. Available all around the year.

The wood heated bath barrel and the sauna are available as extra for guests staying in the Wilderness Cottage. If no guests are staying in the Wilderness Cottage, the wood heated bath barrel and the sauna are available for anyone. Most of the time bookings in advance are necessary.

The wood heated bath barrel is booked for a period of 4 hours and the sauna is booked for a period of 2 hours.

The wood heated bath barrel is recommended 15th of April - 15th of October, and the sauna is recommended 16th of October - 14th of April.

Send a booking request about the wood heated bath barrel and the sauna >>

Washing machine and laundry service

A washing machine and a second toilet is available in the rent of the house.

Laundry service is available for guests renting rooms. The price is 125 SEK/washing machine.

Moose and skier in front of the Wilderness Cottage

Nice swimming place 400 meters from the Wilderness Cottage

Follow the path along the water front.

Moose stroll at the Wilderness Cottage

Wilderness Cottage on faceboook

Photos and movies are posted ongoing on Wilderness Cottage's Facebook site. For direct and fast information, the recommendation is to follow the Facebook blog bellow:

Holiday house exchange

Stay for free at the Wilderness Cottage on a holiday house exchange arrangement. Contact Nordic Discovery >>

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