New Osagian aluminum, Classic Canadian Canoes for sale in Sweden

Osagian is an established Canadian canoe manufacturer in the United States. Nordic Discovery is Osagian’s representative and retailer in Sweden.

The Osagian Canoes has been manufactured in Missouri and available on the North American market for more than 35 years. The Osagian Canoes were introduced on the Swedish market 2013. Until 2013 there was only one aluminum canoe brand available on the Swedish market. In comparison to the other brand the Osagian Canoes are built in a stronger way and are sold to a price which is approximately 2000 SEK lower than the competing price on the market. Two very good reasons, why to choose an Osagian Canoe.

Everything is made in aluminum. There are no other materials involved in the construction of the seats which make the canoe very strong without any weak spots. The canoe is buoyant and approved by Det Norske Veritas (the Scandinavian control institution certifying safety standards on boats and ships ).

Osagian is the name of the Red Indian tribe who once had their settlement in Missouri. The canoe doesn’t need maintenance and has a very long life expectancy.

Osagian Canadian Classic Canoe

Type of canoeCanadian Canoe
NameCanadian Classic Canoe 5,18 m
Length5,18 m
Width91 cm
Weight36 kg
Capacity365 kg
Seaworthy for2 adults and 1 child up to 6 years old
Number of seats2

Prices in SEK

Osagian Cassic Canoe 5,18 m with 2 firm seats15 000
Osagian Canadian Canoe paddle375
Life jacket375
1 canoe, 2 paddles and 2 life jackets16 500
1 extra firm middle seat1 000

Try the Osagian Cassic Canoe 

Osagian Cassic Canoe 5,18 m is available for rent at Nordic Discovery's canoe rental in Bergslagen. 

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Book Osagian Canadian Classic Canoe

15 000 SEK /canoe.

16 500 SEK with 2 paddles and 2 life jackets.

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