The canoe trail Middle Hedströmmen in the Bergslagen region in Sweden

Hedströmmen has its sources in the Kloten lakes and begins as a small brook (Upper Hedströmmen). The brook falls 100 meters between the lakes, Långvattnet and Malingsbosjön. This section is not for paddling. The stretch from Malingsbo to Baggå is shallow, rocky and has some dangerous rapids. This part is better suited to sport fishing then to paddling. It is in Middle Hedströmmen (starting in Baggå) that the river turns into nice paddling water. The canoe trail starts and ends with nice river paddling. In between, you will pass the two narrow lakes Upper and Lower Vättern (before and after Skinnskatteberg respectively). The canoe trail's first narrow stretch can be difficult when the water level is low due to some fallen trees. In Uttersberg, the small river passes outside the door of Gallery Astley. Here in the middle of the forest, many world-renowned artists have their art on display. Among other things you can see a few-meters tall and authentic totem pole. The gallery also runs a small cafeteria. Food supplies are available in Skinnskatteberg. There is no maintenance along the canoe trail.

Middle Hedströmmen

Trail description: River and lake paddling
Degree of difficulty: Medium-difficult
From-to: Baggå-Karmarsbo
Distance: 34 km, river paddling 50%
Drop: 80 m total, 2.35 m/km on average
Portages: 4 portages 100 m-500 m
Landscape description: Forests and meadows
Fishing: Pike, perch, rainbow and brown trout on the upper part
The canoe trail continues in Lower Hedströmmen via a 4 km portage between Karmansbo and Bernshammar. The canoes are rolled across this stretch on good canoe trolleys, past beautiful landscapes on a historical railway embankment 
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Baggå-Skinnskatteberg: Free transport of hired equipment on hires over 2400 SEK/transport day
Skinnskatteberg-Gisslarbo: Free transport of hired equipment on hires over 3000 SEK/transport day

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800 SEK/canoe and kayak /transport day. 400 SEK/canoe and kayak/day without transport.

The price applies to full group discount of the costs of canoe transports to and from Middle Hedströmmen. With bookings of low numbers of canoes, please check the price list for canoe transport before booking.

Better canoeing and kayaking, better price and no transports

As the wilderness canoeing and kayaking in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve is more affordable and the paddling and the nature much better, we recommend you to also consider the canoeing and kayaking in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve, as an alternative paddle area. Canoeing and kayaking in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve >>

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Trackless Excursions

The paddler is a guest in the nature and is required to demonstrate responsibility and care. Not to harm and not to destroy. We have the right to enjoy Swedish nature, but there is also a duty to behave responsibly. The paddler’s only trace should be the whirlpools from the paddles.

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