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Long experience, suitable education, good knowledge, local knowledge, personal service, a genuine interest in outdoor activities, nature experiences and wildlife and a plethora of new, quality equipment. Dream location in the middle of the wilderness in one of Sweden's wildlife-dense nature reserves. Close to Stockholm, Västerås, Örebro, Uppsala and Eskilstuna.

Our story - More than 40 years experience in adventure tourism

Mikael Nilsson's CV includes 20 years' experience from founding, building up and managing Nordic Discovery, 10 years' experience with adventure tourism in South America, 10 years' experience with winter tourism, with work as a skipatroller (safety work at ski resorts with avalanche control, avalanche prevention, guiding, first aid and transport of injured skiers) and a few years' experience with work in a number of different countries.

 Mikael, who grew up in Sweden, was educated at the Sport Tourist School, above the Arctic Circle in the town Kiruna in Northern Sweden. The Sport Tourist School offers extensive education in the broad spectra of outdoor activities and adventure tourism. Several journeys around the earth followed. Mikael stayed, lived and worked in many countries along the way: In New Zealand as ski patrol manager, in Australia as a life guard, in Hawaii as a photographer, in Japan as a ski teacher, in Taiwan as an English teacher and in Hong-Kong as a security guard. 10 years in Latin America followed with work at G-Adventures. G-Adventure is one of the biggest adventure tour operator companies in South America. Mikael worked for several years as a tour leader on long tours in all the Latin American countries. This was followed by several years as the South American Manager at G-Adventure's South American office in Peru's capital, Lima .

“I have been privileged to be able to live my dreams and work with my biggest interest, outdoor activities. Something which has been, and is very fun and interesting”. 

Mikael Nilsson
Wildlife tracker, Adventure coordinator, Founder & CEO

Nothing was the same after the day that Mikael walked in to Rosario's shoe store in the neighborhood Barranco, in Peru's capital Lima. The store was located just a few blocks down the road from G-Adventure's office. Today, Rosario manages Nordic Discovery's Adventure Center. The shoes are replaced by canoes and kayaks, and one of the biggest cities on earth is replaced by a small village in the Scandinavian wilderness. 

Mikael and Rosario married in South America year 2000. Nordic Discovery was founded in 2003, when Mikael and Rosario moved to Sweden.

Join Nordic Discovery's  guided tours or discover the wilderness by yourself on self guided tours. Mikael and Rosario Nilsson wish you a warm welcome to Sweden.

The grass is not greener on the other side of the river

The grass is not greener on the other side of the river, but it took Mikael 23 years and 3 rounds around the globe to find out. The good thing was that the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve, remained the same as when Mikael left the  the  district 1980. The time had stood still, thanks to the nature reserve protection since 1950. The forest, the rivers and the wildlife remained the same as always.

Nordic Discovery - A certified, quality company

Nordic Discovery is a quality, certified nature experience company that is managed according the ecotourism principles and values. Nordic Discovery is a certified Nature's Best company through the Swedish Ecotourism Association, and a Certified Canoe Center through the Swedish National Canoe Association.

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 Wildlife delivery - Nordic Discovery's most popular tour 

Nordic Discovery offers many high-level outdoor arrangements all around the year.

The most popular tour has proved to be the moose safari. The only ecological friendly moose safari in Sweden, with a moose guarantee. A guarantee that never has been in use  due to wild moose delivered for more than 19 years. Read about the moose safari >> 

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Nordic Discovery believes in cooperating and working together with other companies to make the area strong and vigorous. A requirement of cooperating partners is that they fulfill their responsibilities to a high standard and operate according to ecotourism standards. On bigger bookings, Nordic Discovery organizes high class wilderness adventures together with its cooperating partners.

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