Tour nocturno en canoas y kayaks través de uno de los territorio del lobo en Suecia

To paddle under the sparkling, star-studded heavens is something special. To see the reflection of the moonlight in the dark water, and the silhouette of the dense forest out in the distance is something very special. When you add the howling of wolves to the moon, you have the experience of a lifetime.

Piragüismo nocturno en canoas

A different, magic, exciting and beautiful adventure. A canoeing trip through the heart of one of Sweden's few wolf territories. Sometimes we hear the howling wolves in the distance. A nighttime wilderness adventure in The Kloten Wolf Territory.

There is something special about canoeing at night. Those who have not been introduced to nighttime canoeing may imagine that it occurs in total darkness; but those who have come along and accustomed their eyes to the darkness know that the night’s light is a variation of nuances and colors. In the forest’s natural darkness, the stars and the moon appear to shine much, much brighter. There is a significant difference in apparent shining power when a sky full of stars reveals itself far away from towns full of lights.

The Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve is one Sweden’s wildlife riches areas and moose, deer, lynx, beaver, fox, hare and badger are common animals in the area. There is a chance to see and hear some of the animals, but the animal getting the main focus this night is the wolf. Stories, information and tales about the wolf are told around the campfire. The canoeing goes through one of Sweden’s wolf territories and sometimes we hear wolves communicate in the distance. Sometimes we hear howling's during the tour and at times we hear howls after we went to bed.

Piragüismo nocturno en kayak

Piragüismo nocturno – Noche en el silvestre, picnic silvestre y desayuno silvestre

1850 SEK /persona. Niños menores de 15 años 1600 SEK/niño.

With the magic light of the sunset, we paddle out in the wolf territory along a winding river. During the paddling a stop will be made on an island, were a wilderness pick nick will be served. To the picnic we listen to an experienced and knowledgeable wildlife tracker who let us know about the wolf and many other wild animals in the forest. When darkness falls, we return to the canoes. Now starts the real adventure - The nighttime canoeing under the stars through one of Sweden’s wolf territories.

The tour includes: A 8-hours guided nighttime paddeling tour in canoes or kayaks through on of Sweden's wolf territories, a wilderness picnic with moose wraps mixed with vegetables and berries from the local forest, mineral water from the local brewery, local fruit, tea or coffee, an overnight stay in tents, wind shelter or teepee, a campfire, wilderness breakfast (with home-made bread and cereal), canoes or kayaks, paddles, life jackets, water-proof sacks, seat mats, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and transfer back to Kloten.

Where: Start and finish at Nordic Discovery's Adventure Center in the small village Kloten. The village Kloten is located in the heart of the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve along road 233 between Skinnskatteberg and Kopparberg. 2.5 hours' drive from Stockholm.

Type of paddling: Easy flat water paddling without currents. No previous experience is needed.

Canoeing distance: 11 km

Landscape description: We pass through the wild and untouched nature in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve. The river is winding and the pine forest along the shore is deep and a popular retreat for many wild animals.

Equipment: Paddling can be done in canoes or kayaks. The canoes and kayaks are are made out of the strong hard plastic material, polyethylene and are in good shape. The kayaks are stable sea kayaks with broad waist constructed to manage big waves and strong winds in sea conditions.

When: The night canoeing tour is arranged between May 1 and October 31. Scheduled tours are on Saturdays-Sundays in October.

Dates with vacancies 2020: 3/10-4/10 and 10/10-11/10.

Número de participantes: 2-8 personas/guía y grupo. Normalmente 1 grupo/tour. Ocasionalmente 2 grupos/tour. Parties containing 4 or more participants have the choice to book the tour on other days between May 1 and October 31.

To bring on the trip: Rain gears (in case of rain or as a backup against rain) and warmer clothes to put on after sunset, when the temperature often drops. The participants will receive a bottle with drinking water at the beginning of the trip.

Information: At the starting briefing detailed information about the tour and basic paddling instructions is provided. Information about wolves and the Kloten wolf territory.

Safety: The main guide Mikael Nilsson is very knowledgeable about all aspects of canoeing, kayaking, the area, the wilderness and the wild animals that inhabit the deep forest. He is also a certified life guard, having passed all of the Swedish Life Guards’ Association’s tests for Life Guard Education. A first aid kit is brought on the tour.

Start and finish time: Depending on the hour of sunset, start times vary throughout the season. The tour starts a few hours before sunset and finish around noon the next day.

Noche en el silvestre

Night canoeing comfort tour – Accommodation, wilderness picnic & breakfast

1850 SEK /person. Children under 15 years: 1600 SEK

Occurs according to the standard program detailed above, with indoor accommodation instead of overnight in the wild. The paddling starts and ends at the Wilderness Lodge. Accommodation in double room with sheets and towels.

Dates with vacancies 2020: 17/10-18/10.

Parties with 4 or more participants have the choice book the tour on any days between May 1 and October 31.

Majestuosa sombra en la oscuridad

Night canoeing tour – Overnight in the wild or in double room, dinner & breakfast

2100 SEK /person. Children under 15 years: 1850 SEK

Occurs according to the standard program detailed above, except with dinner instead of wilderness picnic. The tour runs for 9 hours and includes a two-course dinner, with many ingredients from the forest. Parties with 4 or more participants have the choice book the tour on any days between May 1 and October 31.

The night canoeing tour is a certified Nature's Best's arrangement


Read more about the Nature's Best certification >>

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