Alquiler de raquetas a nieve en la Reserva Natural Malingsbo - Kloten en Suecia

Alquiler de raquetas a nieve en la Reserva Natural Malingsbo  -  Kloten en Suecia. 2,5 horas de viaje del capital Estocolmo.

Snowshoes offer a brilliant way to enter the big wild forest covered by deep snow. The snowshoes support you and make sure that you will be able to walk without sinking.

Suggested snowshoe hiking trips   

Two days: on two day excursions, you are recommended hike in the area south of Kloten the first day, and in the area north of Kloten on day two. 

One day: on daytrips, you are recommended to hike in the area south of the village Kloten.

The Wilderness Lodge - The perfect snowshoe hiking base 

During the nights the recommendation is to stay at the Wilderness Lodge in Kloten - The perfect snowshoe hiking base, in the middle of Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve. Staying at the Wilderness Lodge is also an excellent option the night before and after the snowshoe excursion.

The Wilderness Lodge and Nordic Discovery's snowshoe rental are located in the small village Kloten, between Skinnskatteberg and Kopparberg (along road 233). Road description >> 

Better quality map of the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve >>

The snowshoes match all hiking shoes and ski hiking boots

The snowshoes are made out of modern hard plastic material and can be used with a loose or fixed heel. The loose heal is preferable for steep, uphill ascents. The fixed heel is preferable when the snow is deep. The sturdy straps give the possibility of a firm adjustment and the metal supports at the front and back allow for a good and firm grip.

The snowshoes can be used with all hiking shoes and ski hiking boots. The snowshoes are of good quality and in very good shape. The equipment is dated from 2020-2015.

Rent of snowshoes in the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve

Prices in SEK

Ice spear80
Rescue line80
Ski poles80
Sitting pads1030
Guide / instructor600

The rent of snowshoes includes: snowshoes with adjustment to the client's boots, simple maps and safety ice nails in case you plan to cross ice on top of deep water. Detailed maps are for rent. 
Nordic Discovery's personal service includes advice, trip planning and adjustment of hired equipment. 
Number of pairs of snowshoes: 20.  
Equipment to bring: Sturdy hiking boots. Ski poles on option.

Book snowshoes online

300 SEK /dia. 1800 SEK/semana

Open: December - March

The snowshoe rental is open on bookings from December to March.

Information about the current snow conditions

Photos and movies are posted ongoing on Wilderness Lodge's Face book site. For direct and fast snow information, the recommendation is to follow the Facebook blog bellow.

Prerequisite for snowshoe hikes

A snow depth of at least 15 cm.

Trackless Excursions

We are guests in the nature and are required to demonstrate  responsibility and care. Not to harm and not to destroy. To be in the Swedish nature is a right but it is also a duty to behave responsibly. Our only trace should be the tracks from the snow shoes.

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