Alquiler de canoas en Suecia

Alquiler de canoas en el paraíso de remar, la Reserva Natural Malingsbo - Kloten en Suecia. 2,5 horas en coche de la capital Estocolmo.

Las canoas son canoas clásicas de Osagian. Fuertes y estables canoas de aluminio que tienen una gran capacidad para equipos de campamento y alimentos. Las canoas son perfecta para excursiones largas.

Osagian Canadian Classic Canoe - Una canoa totalmente soldada en aluminio para la mejor durabilidad posible

Osagian 17 STD  es una canoa totalmente soldada con una construcción completamente hecha en aluminio. La canoa es muy fuerte y sin debilidades ya que la estructura del asiento también está hecha del mismo material que la canoa en general. La Osagian 17 STD es una canoa de la más alta calidad, construida para las condiciones más duras.

Osagian Canadian Classic Canoe - El Rolls Royce de Canoas

Las canoas son hechas con el mejor material existente y están fabricadas por el mejor productor del mercado. Las canoas que se ofrecen en el Centero de Canoas, de Nordic Discovery son Osagian Classic Canoes, el Rolls Royce de canoas.

Osagian Canadian Classic Canoe 17 STD 


Type of canoeCanadian Canoe
NameCanadian Classic Canoe 17 STD
Length5,18 m
Width91 cm
Weight36 kg
Capacity365 kg
Seaworthy for2 adults and 1 child up to 6 years old
Number of seats2
Equipment dated from2023-2018
Number of canoes40
Price/person/day in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve225 SEK (price/canoe: 450 SEK)
Price/person/week in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve1350 SEK (price/canoe: 2700 SEK)


Más información sobre la canoa clásica de Osagian 17 STD >>


Alquiler de canoas - Todo el equipo esta incluido

Life jackets, paddles (which are available in children’s sizes), canoe trolleys and canoe trail descriptions with maps are included in the rent of canoes. 

The equipment, which is from 2023-2018 is of good quality and in good shape. All other camping equipment can be hired. Read more about the additional equipment for rent: Price list >> 

Information about canoeing and trip proposals

Nordic Discovery's personal service includes canoeing information and trip proposals. On arrival, a briefing about the canoe trails and the area will be held in front of the maps. Assistance with getting into the canoes and basic instructions are provided upon request.  Read about the canoe trails and the canoeig/kayaking in the area >> 

Certified Canoe Center

Nordic Discovery is a certified Canoe Center in accordance with the Swedish National Canoe Association's standards. 

"You can feel secure when you contact a certified Canoe Center, then you know that the safety and the information is taken care of according to certain standards"

The Swedish Canoe Association

A Canoe Center with top location

The Canoe Center is strategically located in the middle of the wilderness, in a big Nature Reserve between two nice canoe trails.
The Canoe Station is open daily 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM from 1 May - 30 September. From 1 October - 30 April it is open daily (bookings are required).
The break-up of the ice is at the middle of April and the freeze-up is in the middle of November. Road descriptions to the Canoe Center >>

Hasle PE 530

The second best material for a canoe is the hard plastic material polyethylene. Hasle PE 530 is a steady and stable canoe with a good paddle feeling. A polyethylene canoe in sandwich construction with one layer of small, separated air cells which make the canoe buoyant. The buoyant construction improves the safety of the canoes and give packing space in the front and at the back of the canoe (since flotation blocks are not required). To be compared with canoes without inbuilt buoyancy, with flotation blocks of foam blocking the space in the front and in the back of the canoe. The canoes are seaworthy for two adults and one child up to 6 years old.

Hasle PE 530


Type of canoeCanadian canoe
BrandHasle PE 530
Length 530 cm
Width86 cm
Weight38 kg
Capacity350 kg
MaterialPolyethylene (sandwich construction)
Seaworthy for2 adults and 1 child up to 6 years old
Equipment dated from 2023 - 2018
Number of canoes10
Price/person/day in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve225 SEK (price/canoe: 450 SEK)
Price/person/week in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve1350 SEK (price/canoe: 2700 SEK)

Osagian or Hasle

Osagian and Hasle are two top brand canoes. The best aluminium and the best plastic canoe on the market. On  longer trips you will very likely get a Osagian Canoe. On trips with transport you will likely get a Hasle Canoe. Who decide which brand it going to be?  We do, but you are welcome to advise your preference.

There are 50 canoes in the fleet. The canoes are transported in Västmanland and the south of Dalarna on bookings. The fleet also includes 25 single kayaks and 4 double kayaks.

Send a booking request about the availability of canoes >>

Ask questions about the canoes >>

Read about the canoe trails and canoeing in the area >>

Read about kayaking >>

Reservar canoas y kayaks

450 SEK/canoas y kayaks /día en la Reserva Natural Malingsbo - Kloten.

2700 SEK/canoa y kayak/semana en la Reserva Natural Malingsbo - Kloten.

We have an uneven number of paddlers - what to do ?

The most common question at a Canoe Center is: "How can everyone participate when we have an uneven number of people? Is it necessary to drop somebody back home?" The answer is no. The salvation is the sea kayak and all hesitations and queries concerning kayaking are explained in the kayak section. Paddling in canoes as planned and simply adding one kayak is an excellent option, and provides a golden opportunity for all in the group to try kayaking. Read about kayaking >>

How to pack our gear ?

Most of the canoe is open and you are recommended to protect your equipment from getting wet. It is recommended to pack your gear in water-proof bags. Water-proof bags of 60 liter capacities are available for rent. An option is to pack in plastic bags. More about additional equipment >>

Our teenagers are beginning to lose interest in the yearly holiday paddling - What to do ?

"We parents have a strong desire to do the holiday paddling together with our teenagers, but they' re starting to lose the interest. Is there any good trick to use?"

The answer and the advise is easy. The introduction of sea kayaks to the market came as something fresh and created a trend. It is both cool and trendy to kayak. This is something which is very important to teens who are very conscious of what other people think. Besides, kayaking is very fun.

With this simple advise, many parents keep their children on paddling vacations throughout the teenage year. Read about kayaking >>

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