Alquiler de patines de hielo en la Reserva Natural Malingsbo - Kloten en Suecia

Alquiler de patines de hielo en la Reserva Natural Malingsbo - Kloten en Suecia. 2,5 horas en coche desde Estocolmo, la capital en Suecia.

Between firm ice and snow on the ice, there is usually a golden period with perfect ice which makes fantastic ice skating excursions possible. Normally this period of time occurs between mid-December to mid-January.

Ice skating - An unreal feeling - A feeling like walking on water

The ice crystals crackle in their thousands. Knife-sharp blades make fresh cuts on a shiny, untouched surface. It's a special experience to skate in a frozen landscape. To feel the cold air on your face. To get your heart beating and to see your exhaled air forming beautiful clouds of steam. The long, winding and narrow lakes are framed by majestic pine forests. Along the lakes in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve, vertical cliffs descend dramatically in narrow straits.

Suggestions of ice skating trips

One day: on day trips, you choose if you would like to skate along the ice skating trail to the North or along the ice skating trail to the South of Kloten. The trail to the north allows a round trip distance of 50 km and the trail to the south allows a round trip distance of 20 km. 

Two days: on ice skating trips on two days you are recommended to skate along the northern trail one day and along the southern trail one day.

The Wilderness Lodge - The perfect ice skating base 

During the nights the recommendation is to stay at the Wilderness Lodge in Kloten - The perfect ice skating base, between the two ice skating trails. Staying at the Wilderness Lodge is also an excellent option the night before and after the ice skating excursion.

Perfect location between two good ice skating trails

The Wilderness Lodge and Nordic Discovery’s ice skate rental are located in the small village, Kloten, between the two good ice skating lakes, Långvattnet and Klotensjön. From the ice skate rental, the walking distance is 75 meters to Klotensjön and 125 meters to Långvattnet.

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The ice skates match all hiking boots and ski touring boots

The boot's toe is fixed with a metal bow and the heel is fixed with a sturdy nylon string. The skates match all hiking boots and ski touring boots. The ice skates are of good quality and in very good shape. The equipment is dated from 2023-2018.

Rent of ice skates in the Malingsbo - Kloten Nature Reserve

Prices in SEK

Ice skates3001800
Rescue line80
Ski poles80
Sitting pads1030
Guide / instructor600

The rent of ice skates includes: ice skates with adjustment to the client’s boots, safety ice nails and a map. Detailed maps for rent. 
Nordic Discovery's personal service includes local ice advice, trip planning and adjustment of hired equipment
Number of ice skates: 10 pairs. 
Equipment to bring: sturdy hiking boots and a mid-size backpack. The backpack should contain dry emergency clothes packed in plastic bags, extra clothes to put on at breaks and allow space for a packed lunch and snacks. Ski poles on option.

Book ice skates

300 SEK /day. 1800 SEK/week

Open: November - March

The ice skate rental is open on bookings from November to March.
The ice skate rental is located in the small village Kloten, between Skinnskatteberg and Kopparberg (along road 233). 

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Information about current ice skating conditions

Photos and movies are posted ongoing on Wilderness Lodge's Facebook site. For direct and fast ice skating and skiing information, the recommendation is to follow the face book blog bellow.

Prerequisite for ice-skating

An ice thickness of at least 5 cm. The snow depth on the ice can't be more than 5 cm.

Ice safety

The best safety is always in company with a knowledgeable ice-skating guide. When you join a guided tour, you will get an ice-skating guide with very good ice knowledge, in combination with local experience of the area's skating ice, with all the knowledge of the local variations of the ice thickness. The guide is a certified life guard after passing all tests on the Swedish life guard associations life guard education.

Read about the ice-skating tour >> 

Trackless Excursions

We are guests in the nature and are required to demonstrate  responsibility and care. Not to harm and not to destroy. To be in the Swedish nature is a right but it is also a duty to behave responsibly. Our only trace should be the tracks from the  ice skates.

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