Hiking trails in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve in Sweden

The Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve 's wilderness offers nice hiking trails in pristine nature.

This page describes self-guided hikes. Read about the guided hiking tour >>

3-day hike: The Malingsbo-Kloten Triangle with indoor accommodation

A classic three-day hike on 38 km in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve's wilderness. The hike follow marked hiking trails between the small villages, Malingsbo, Kloten and Nyfors, with indoor accommodation in Kloten and in Nyfors.

Day 1) Malingsbo-Kloten 13 km. Night at the Wilderness Lodge in Kloten:


Day 2) Kloten-Nyfors 11 km. Night at the River Lodge in Nyfors:


Day 3) Nyfors-Malingsbo 14 km.

Day two can be paddled in canoes and kayaks. Overnight guests  leave canoes and kayaks at River Lodge. 

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Hiking with a light backpack

Staying in the Nature Reserve's indoor accommodation makes the hike much easier because the backpack's load can be significantly reduced when tents and sleeping bags are left at home. The Wilderness Lodge and the River Lodge have refrigirators and fully equiped kitchens.

1-day hike and 1-day canoeing: Kloten-Nyfors-Kloten with indoor accommodation

A two-day (21 km) hike and canoeing excursion in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve. The hike follows the marked hiking trail between the small villages, Nyfors and Kloten.

Day 1) Canoeing Kloten-Nyfors 10 km. Night at the River Lodge in Nyfors:


Day 2) Hiking Nyfors-Kloten 11 km.

Overnight guests leave canoes and kayaks at River Lodge.

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 2 days of hiking) Kloten - Nyfors - Kloten: This trip can also be made as a 2-days round hiking trip, with the return hike along the hiking trail over the Grass  Hill. The return trail covers 13 km between Nyfors and Kloten. Total hiking distance: 23 km.

The map describes hiking from Nyfors (B) back to Kloten (A) via the Grass Hill.

2-day hike: Klosstjärnen-Kloten-Klosstjärnen with night in Bed & Breakfast

A nice two-day (24 km) hike in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve. The hike requires that the hikers have their own car and a detailed map. 

You park your car where a small dirt road crosses the hiking trail between Nyfors and Malingsbo, close to the small lake, Klosstjärnen. 

Day 1) Klosstjärnen-Kloten 12 km.

Follow the hiking trail towards Malingsbo until the hiking trail connects with the hiking trail between Malingsbo and Kloten. Turn right and follow the hiking trail to Kloten. Night in Bed & Breakfast:


Day 2) Kloten-Klosstjärnen 12 km.

Follow the hiking trail leading to Nyfors over Grass Hill. You hike the last 3 km along a small dirt road that leads back to your car.

1-day hike: Kloten-Kloten

A nice, recomended 1-day (17 km) hike that takes you up to the nature reserve's highest point, on Grass Hill. Before splendid views was to be seen, over the forest and the lakes from the top of a tall watchtower. Unfortunately the watchtower has been torn down.

Follow the hiking trail half-way to Nyfors. From Grass Hill, you turn south along a small dirt road until you reach the hiking trail between Malingsbo and Kloten. Turn right and follow the hiking trail back to Kloten. Night in Bed & Breakfast:


Short hike to Trollberget

The first 2 km of Bergslagsleden leads up to the top of Trollberget.

Mapas de senderismo

Hikers are highly recommended to do their hike with a detailed map. Detailed maps are for rent at Nordic Discovery's Adventure Center in Kloten. A map briefing about the hiking trails is included in the  rent of the maps.

Overview  map on the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve's hiking trails >>

The starting point for most of the hikes

The small village square in Kloten is a connection point for hiking trails. The square is located between Nordic Discovery's Adventure Center and the  Wilderness Lodge (Bed & Breakfast). 

Road description to the square in Kloten >> 

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