Canotaje en la ruta sur en el Parque Natural de Malingsbo-Kloten - The canoe trail south of the Canoe Center

Canotaje en la ruta sur en el Parque Natural de Malingsbo-Klotens wilderness - The canoe trail south of  Nordic Discovery's Canoe Center en Suecia.

Arrival and start information

Park your car at the meadow on the back side of the Canoe Center  and check-in at the reception. Nordic Discovery's  staff members will give you an information briefing in front of maps and provide you with booked equipment. It is always recommended that you have a reservation, then you know for sure that there is equipment available. Your canoes or kayaks will be delivered on small trollies and rolled up to the trunk of your car. You pack your canoes or kayaks, before you roll your canoes or kayaks the short distance to the starting point of the northern or the southern canoe trails. Your car stays at the meadow while you are out canoeing.

Canoeing and hiking 3 days

Day 1: Canoeing to the resting  area or the rain and wind shelter at the southern point of the canoe trail.

Day 2: Hike along the hiking trails starting from the resting area at the southern point of the canoe trail. Here are various loops to choose from. The total length of the marked hiking trail is 8 km.

Day 3: Continue along the canoe trail back to the Canoe Center.

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