Price list summer equipment

 Rent of canoes, kayaks, rowboats and bicycles in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve 

Prices in SEK

  Day (9 AM - 7 PM) Week 2 hours
Canoes 350 2100 250
Kayaks 350 2100 250
Double kayaks 700 4200 500
Rowboats 700 4200
Bicycles 150 750
Mountainbikes 300 1500

Nordic Discovery rents out the best available canoes, kayaks and rowboats on the market.

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All paddling equipment is included in the rent of canoes and kayaks

Life jackets, paddles (which are available in children’s sizes), canoe trolleys and canoe trail descriptions with maps are included in the rent of canoes and kayaks (+ spray covers for kayak hire). The equipment, which is dated from 2017-2010 is of good quality and in good shape.

Canoeing information and trip proposals

Nordic Discovery's personal service includes information about canoeing / kayaking and trip proposals. On arrival, a briefing about the canoe trails and the area will be held in front of the maps. Assistance with getting into the canoes and kayaks, and basic instructions are provided upon request. Read about the canoe trails and the canoeing in the area >> 

Opening hours: The Canoe Center is open daily 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM. You are welcome to pick up and return the canoes any time during opening hours.

Rent of camping equipment in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve

Prices in SEK

  Day Week Trip For sale
Canoe trolleys Included
Waterproof bags, 60 Liters 30 210 500
Waterproof sacks, 40 Liters 20 140 300
Waterproof phone cases 10 70 150
Tents for 2 persons 450
Sleeping bags 200
Sleeping mats 60
Camping stoves 400
Camping stove ethanol, 1 Liter 80
Water containers, 10 Liters 80
Knife, fork, spoon, cup, plate 80
Axes 80
Saws 80
Spades 80
Sitting pads 10 30
Paddling gloves (only needed with low temperatures) 80
Towing ropes 80
Fishing rods 250
Maps 1:50 000 Water-resistant 30 100 2 days: 50
3-6 days: 75
Firewood/sack 80
Teepee for up to 17 persons (inclusive transports, set-up and pack-up) 3000 15000

Book canoes, kayaks, rowboats, bicycles and camping equipment

350 SEK/canoe and kayak /day in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve. /canoe and kayak /day in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve.

2100 SEK/canoe and kayak/week in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve.

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