Kloten - A small village in the wilderness in Sweden

Kloten, a small village in the Swedish wilderness between 2 nice canoe trails with availability of canoe rental and kayak rental.

Wilderness Lodge and Nordic Discovery's Adventure Center. Road 233 to the left.

Kloten -  A road sign tourist sight

Dutch speaking visitors are easy recognized in Kloten because no other visitors are taking photos of the road signs. Why? Kloten is a rude word in the Dutch language, so the name Kloten comes out very funny.

I would do the same, if I was travelling in Holland and came to a village with the name The Ball.

Imagine, here you can canoe along the canoe trail the Big Ball and stay in the holiday apartment Ball City. Of course it's fun.

The history of Kloten

Between 1877 and 1934 there was a railroad going to Kloten. The bay on the photo is today the starting point on the Southern Canoe Trail.

The history of Kloten is divided into four epochs: Iron-producing in the 17th century, a lumber jack boom between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, and our current epoch, which is characterized by environmentally-friendly  and active tourism.

But first came the Finnish immigrants (in the 16th century). It was the promise from the Swedish state, of 7 years of tax exemption for those who settled down and changed desolated wilderness to self-sufficient cultivation's, which attracted.

 At the end of the iron-producing era and the beginning of the lumber era (in the early 20th century), Kloten had a population of more than 1000 inhabitants. Today, the population is around 30 people.

 Two grocery stores were once located on either side of the small village square. Both stores closed down long ago, and the two buildings became private homes. Since 2003, Nordic Discovery has run the Adventure Center in one of the buildings and the Wilderness Lodge in the other building.


Kloten now and before

The main square in the village Kloten

The Wilderness Lodge, Nordic Discovery's Adventure Center and the Wilderness Cottage.

The two former grocery stores on both sides of the village square in Kloten. The same view in another century.

Kloten City - The village Kloten's central point

The Wilderness Lodge and Nordic Discovery's Adventure Center.

The two former grocery stores on both sides of the village square in Kloten. The same view in another century.

Nordic Discovery's Adventure Center

The canoe rental and kayak rental station.

Waltersons grocery store. The same facade in another century.

A Canoe Center between 2 wilderness canoe trails in a big Nature Reserve

The Canoe Center is located between 2 nice canoe trails with availability of canoe rental and kayak rental.

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 The Northern Canoe Trail - The start of a canoe adventure

The village Kloten and the Northern Canoe Trail.

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Guided historic tours in the village Kloten

Guided historical village walk: 1 hour: 75 SEK/person (minimum 750 SEK/group). 30 minutes: 50 SEK/person (minimum 500 SEK/group).

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