Internship, volunteer work, working holiday or work possibility in the Swedish adventure, outdoor and ecotourism industry

The summer 2017, internship presentation: Alana Schüßler and Charlotte Kruggel kayaking in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve in Sweden.


The goal with this agreement is for the person on work experience to learn as much about the tourism industry as they can. The person on the internship program will work full-time and follow the working schedule of the staff at Nordic Discovery. The trainee then gains practical knowledge as well as on-the-job instruction from the ordinary staff. There is the possibility of discounted accommodation in a self-catering cottage. Internship certificate will be provided, and there is a chance of future employment if the trainee proves to be suitable. No experience needed, but a driving license is required.

Booked period: 18 April - 16 September 2018.

Available period: 11 May - 9 October 2018.

Available period: 15 June - 15 August 2018.


Available period 1: 15 April - 15 September 2019.

Available period 2: 15 May - 15 October 2019.

Available period 3: 15 June - 15 August 2019.

Volunteer work

The idea with the volunteer agreement is to give the volunteer a chance to stay and learn about Sweden and get the opportunity to do a lot of outdoor activities in return for work. The volunteer work program is between 1 day and 6 months and is based on benefits which increase on a time scale. The program starts with accommodation in self-catering cottage and access to outdoor equipment and ends with all living costs included and paid travel expenses. No experience needed.

Volunteer workers staying for more than 2 weeks will receive a written documentation of their stay, with the CEO of Nordic Discovery as a reference person. Something which has proved to be very appreciated by employers due to the fact that the document prove the volunteer worker’s guts and ambition to travel to an another country and help out and learn with other priorities than earning a salary. The document has proved to be crucial to young volunteers applying for their first job.

At the moment no periods available.

Working holiday

Provides the possibility for professionally-skilled craftsmen (there is ongoing refurbishment works in 3 buildings) to combine holidays with work. The idea with the working holiday agreement is to give the person on working holiday the possibility of having a holiday without having to spend money. Accommodation in self-catering cottage or board and accommodation (depending on the agreed hours of work).

Positions available for: Carpenters, electricans and plumbers.


Applicants must have: Suitable tourism education, a passion for outdoor activities, a genuine will to give our clients the best experience possible and a driver’s license. There is the possibility of discounted accommodation in a self-catering cottage.

The best way to prove who you are, to learn about the routines at the Adventure Center and to show what you are able to is to start applying to the work experience program or the volunteer work program.

At the moment no positions available.

Working tasks

The work is very varied as the spectra of outdoor activities Nordic Discovery offer is broad. We work on a daily basis after bookings. The different bookings each day will affect what we will be doing to make each booking happen. There are also maintenance and marketing work besides the daily running of the Adventure Center, the Wilderness Lodge and Cottage and Kloten and Nyfors Wilderness campings.

What each volunteer and holiday worker in particular will be doing depends on each volunteer’s and holiday worker's skills and capacity. Trainees on the working experience program will follow the daily work and work together with the staff at Nordic Discovery.

Differences between the working experience and the volunteer programs

The working experience program is the best if you want to learn as much as possible about the trade, active nature tourism. In this program Nordic Discovery will invest time in teaching while the work is proceeding. As Nordic Discovery will invest time in teaching you will organize your own food and pay a discounted fee for accommodation. The program is regarded as education by learning the trade by working on the spot.

The voluntary work program is based on work and the volunteer worker will work of their expenses during their stay.

If you are interested

Please send your CV together with a photo of yourself. Advice when you would like to come, for how long and which program you are applying for.


Terms and conditions for the program of interest will be sent to you.

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