Snow & ice report

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Canoeing and kayaking report

The canoe trails in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve are predicted to be free from ice and ready for canoeing and kayaking from the 10th of April

Read about the canoe trails in the Nature Reserve Malingsbo-Kloten >>

The spring canoeing in flowing water with easy rapids is predicted to work the two first weeks in april. Read about the spring canoeing >>

Opening hours

1 October–30 April

The Adventure Center, the Wilderness Lodge and the Wilderness Cottage are open daily after bookings

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+46 (0)73 0350075

Safari reviews:

“On the moose safari we were hiking in the deep forest, when suddenly a  big moose was rising up from his rest right in front of us. The moment was both a little bit scary and very exciting.“

Jovanna Richez



“Just amazing! Thank you so much for this unforgettable moose safari experience."

Nadia Batzig und Tobias Wayne



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Accommodation in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve

    • Window view from the Wilderness Lodge

Holiday house for rent

Season camping vacancies 2017

Vacant season camping grounds 2017 at Nyfors Wilderness Camping: Read about Nyfors Wilderness Camping >>

Season camping with maintenance tasks

Possibility to simple maintenance tasks in return of free season camping at Kloten Wilderness Camping. Kloten Wilderness Camping >>

More information on phone number: + 46 (0)73 0350075

Paddling & hiking tour through the Swedish wilderness

A guided paddling and hiking adventure through the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve’s wilderness. A pristine and wild natural area that has not been touched by civilization. The Scandinavian pine forest along the shore is thick and a popular retreat for many wild animals. Canoeing or kayaking the classic paddling distance between Kloten and Risviken with return to Kloten along the hiking trail. Map of the Nature Reserve >>

Day 1) Canoeing or Kayaking Kloten-Risviken: 13 km. Picnic wilderness lunch half-way. Wilderness dinner in front of the campfire. Overnight in teepee, wind shelter or tents

Day 2) Hiking Risviken-Kloten: 16 km. Hiking over Gräsberget. Gräsberget is the highest point in the nature reserve with splendid views over forests and lakes. Picnic wilderness lunch half-way. Dinner and overnight in Kloten's Wilderness Lodge

Day 3) Breakfast. Check-out time at noon

Wilderness paddlig & hiking tour

The guided tour includes: Canoes or kayaks, paddles, life jackets, water-proof sacks, seat mats, daily luggage transport, 2 picnic lunches, 2 two-course dinners, 2 breakfasts with home-made bread and cereal. First night in teepee, wind shelter or tents with sleeping bags on sleeping mats. Second night in double rooms with sheets and towels

The tour starts and ends in the village, Kloten. The village Kloten is located in the heart of the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve along road 233 between Skinnskatteberg and Kopparberg. 2.5 hours drive from Stockholm. Maps and road description >>

Type of paddling: Easy flat water paddling without currents

Type of hiking: Mainly easy along marked hiking trails

Landscape description: We pass through the wild and untouched nature in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve. Trails and rivers are winding and the pine forest is deep and beautiful

Equipment: You have the choice to paddle in canoes or kayaks. The canoes and kayaks are made out of the strong hard plastic material, polyethylene and are of good quality and in good shape. Read about the canoe >>. The kayaks are stable sea kayaks with broad waists, which have been constructed to manage big waves and strong winds in sea conditions. Read about the kayaks >>

Food on the trip: We eat good food prepared by local chefs. The chefs use local products, with many ingredients from the forest, with a traditional Swedish touch. E.g. Moose meat, rainbow trout, chanterelles and berries. We custom-make all meals and eat the same food together. The dinners are two-course meals. Every morning there is a breakfast buffet to choose from

Number of participants: 4-10 persons

Starting time day one: 11:00 AM

2016 the canoeing / kayaking and hiking tour is arranged on even weeks on Tuesdays-Thursdays between May 17 and October 20

Price: 3500 SEK. Children under 15 years: 3000 SEK 

Clothes to paddle and hike in: Shorts, sport clothes and rain gear (in case of rain or as a backup against rain). A hat and sunglasses are recommended

To bring on the trip: A small to mid size backpack, rain gear, swimming gear, a towel, sun block, a camera and warm "summer clothes". The participants will receive a bottle with drinking water at the beginning of the trip. The bottle will be refilled along the tour

Information: At the starting briefing detailed information about the tour will be held in front of maps and basic paddling instructions is provided

Safety: The experienced, native Swedish guide is very knowledgeable about all aspects of canoeing, kayaking, the area, the wilderness and the wild animals that inhabit the deep forest. The guide is also a certified life guard, having passed all of the Swedish Life Guards’ Association’s tests for Life Guard Education. A first aid kit is brought on the tour

Day temperatures: June-August 15-30 degrees Centigrade. May and September 10-25 degrees Centigrade

Dates 2017

Dates with vacancies will be advised soon.

Parties containing 4 or more participants have the choice to book on other dates as well

The tour is a certified Nature's Best's arrangement

Book the paddling and hiking tour online: