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Canoeing and kayaking report

The canoe trails in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve are predicted to be free from ice and ready for canoeing and kayaking from the 10th of April

Read about the canoe trails in the Nature Reserve Malingsbo-Kloten >>

The spring canoeing in flowing water with easy rapids is predicted to work the two first weeks in april. Read about the spring canoeing >>

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1 October–30 April

The Adventure Center, the Wilderness Lodge and the Wilderness Cottage are open daily after bookings

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Safari reviews:

“On the moose safari we were hiking in the deep forest, when suddenly a  big moose was rising up from his rest right in front of us. The moment was both a little bit scary and very exciting.“

Jovanna Richez



“Just amazing! Thank you so much for this unforgettable moose safari experience."

Nadia Batzig und Tobias Wayne



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Accommodation in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve

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Holiday house for rent

Season camping vacancies 2017

Vacant season camping grounds 2017 at Nyfors Wilderness Camping: Read about Nyfors Wilderness Camping >>

Season camping with maintenance tasks

Possibility to simple maintenance tasks in return of free season camping at Kloten Wilderness Camping. Kloten Wilderness Camping >>

More information on phone number: + 46 (0)73 0350075

Moose safari - Meet the Swedish National Symbol in the wild

Moose safari - A magnificent show. Imagine the splash of water when a massive 650 kg bull moose jumps into the small lake right in front of us

We see many wild moose on each safari. The safaris are moose guaranteed!

Since 2003, many wild moose have been seen on all safaris. On the worst safari tour, we saw 2 moose. On the best safari tour, we watched 34 moose

Join Sweden's most spectacular moose safari

On foot, we hike in pathless terrain through one of the most heavily moose-populated wilderness areas on earth

The moose are nocturnal and rest during the day. At dusk, the moose start to move from the deepest forests under the protection of dark. Bewitching shadows are cat by tall pine trees as we hike through the forest: up over high hills and down through low valleys. In twilight, mist the Swedish national symbol strides majestically through its wild environment. The moose come to the small lake to drink or to swim to the other side. We will be there watching the giant animals

The adventure starts with a three-course dinner with many ingredients from the forest. Over dinner we listen to the experienced and knowledgeable (native Swedish) moose tracker Mikael Nilsson, who informs us know about the moose and many other wild animals in the forest. When the moose hike starts everyone has to be absolutely silent. Then we only communicate with sign language (a necessary condition if we are to see the shy and majestic animals)

The hike is not physically demanding. We hike very carefully and with as little noise as possible during the 1-1.5 hour hike. The safaris finish with a minibus tour, in which we visit other favorite spots of the moose

We have a lot of experience in moose watching and we always see several moose on each safari. On Nordic Discovery's worst safari (during 12 years of moose safari arrangements), 2 moose were watched. On the best safari, 34 moose were seen (during the safari season from mid -May to the end of September)

Moose safari – Accommodation, dinner & breakfast

The tour includes: A 6-hour guided moose safari with moose guarantee, a three-course dinner, a tour in a minibus, a one night-stay in a double room, sheets, towels and breakfast with home-made bread and cereal

Start and finish at Kloten's Wilderness Lodge. Comfortable beds, personal touch and wild and exotic animals around the corner

The village Kloten is located in the heart of the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve  along road 233 between Skinnskatteberg and Kopparberg. 2.5 hours drive from Stockholm. Maps and road description >>

Number of participants: 4-8 persons 

High season: 2015 the safari is arranged between May 9 and October 2

Low season: October - mid-May. During the low season, the moose follow other living patterns, so the very high scores of moose seen during the high season are not to be expected. Parties with 4 or more participants have the choice to book the safari on their date of choice

Equipment: Rain gears (in case of rain or as a backup against rain) and warmer clothes to put on after sunset, when the temperature often drops. Water-resistant shoes are recommended. There will be binoculars on the tour. If you have your own binoculars you are recommend bringing them

Camera flashes do not scare the moose

Start and finish time: Depending on the hour of sunset, start and finish times vary throughout the season. We finish in full darkness and start 6 hours earlier

Moose guarantee: In the case that no moose are seen on the moose tours conducted during the high season, your money will be refunded. The guarantee is not valid for other service (ie. food and accommodation) that are included in the safari

Price: 1750 SEK. Children under 15 years: 1500 SEK

Moose safaris 2015


Moose safari – Accommodation, dinner & breakfast:

On uneven weeks Saturdays- Sundays. Dates with vacancies:

2015: 9/5-10/5, 23/5-24/5, 6/6-7/6, 20/6-21/6, 4/7-5/7, 18/7-19/7, 1/8-2/8, 15/8-16/8, 29/8-30/8, 12/9-13/9, 26/9-27/9

On even weeks Fridays-Saturdays. Dates with vacancies:

2015: 15/5-16/5, 29/5-30/5, 12/6-13/6, 26/6-27/6, 10/7-11/7, 24/7-25/7, 7/8-8/8, 21/8-22/8, 4/9-5/9, 18/9-19/9, 2/10-3/10

Parties containing 4 or more participants have the choice to book on other weekdays as well


Moose safari - Evening tour with dinner

Occurs according to the standard program detailed above but without the overnight stay and breakfast. The safari is arranged between May 10 and October 3. On uneven weeks: Saturdays. On even weeks: Fridays. Parties containing 4 or more participants have the choice to book on other weekdays as well. Price: 1250 SEK. Children under 15 years: 1000 SEK

Moose safari - Evening tour with wilderness picnic

Occurs according to the standard program detailed above, except with a wilderness picnic instead of dinner, and without accommodation and breakfast. The safari runs for 5 hours and includes a wilderness picnic with tea and sandwiches (made with home-made bread). Parties with 4 or more participants have the choice to book the safari on any day. Price: 1000 SEK. Children under 15 years: 750 SEK

Moose safari - Accommodation, wilderness picnic & breakfast

Occurs according to the standard program detailed above, except with a wilderness picnic instead of dinner. The safari runs for 5 hours and includes a wilderness picnic with tea and sandwiches (made with home-made bread), accommodation and breakfast. Parties with 4 or more participants have the choice to book the safari on any day. Price: 1500 SEK. Children under 15 years: 1250 SEK

Moose exhibition in minibus

The safari finishs when the group feels that they have seen enough moose. Groups with 1-8 participants can book the safari any day between May 15 and September 30. Starting fee: 2000 SEK/group. For each exhibited wild moose, 250 SEK is added. Moose guarantee: The participants pay nothing for the safari if no moose are seen.

The safaris are certified Nature's Best's arrangements

Moose & beaver safari combination

Occurs according to the standard program detailed above in combination with the beaver safari program >> + lunch on day 2. The safari combination is arranged Friday-Sunday between May 16 and September 28. Parties with 4 or more participants have the choice to book the safari on other days. Price: 3500 SEK. Children under 15 years: 3000 SEK

Book moose safari online: