Snow & ice report

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Canoeing and kayaking report

The canoe trails in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve are predicted to be free from ice and ready for canoeing and kayaking from the 10th of April

Read about the canoe trails in the Nature Reserve Malingsbo-Kloten >>

The spring canoeing in flowing water with easy rapids is predicted to work the two first weeks in april. Read about the spring canoeing >>

Opening hours

1 October–30 April

The Adventure Center, the Wilderness Lodge and the Wilderness Cottage are open daily after bookings

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+46 (0)73 0350075

Safari reviews:

“On the moose safari we were hiking in the deep forest, when suddenly a  big moose was rising up from his rest right in front of us. The moment was both a little bit scary and very exciting.“

Jovanna Richez



“Just amazing! Thank you so much for this unforgettable moose safari experience."

Nadia Batzig und Tobias Wayne



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Accommodation in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve

    • Window view from the Wilderness Lodge

Holiday house for rent

Season camping vacancies 2017

Vacant season camping grounds 2017 at Nyfors Wilderness Camping: Read about Nyfors Wilderness Camping >>

Season camping with maintenance tasks

Possibility to simple maintenance tasks in return of free season camping at Kloten Wilderness Camping. Kloten Wilderness Camping >>

More information on phone number: + 46 (0)73 0350075

Nordic Discovery - Approved Swedish ecotourism organizer according to the Swedish Ecotourism Society's certification, The Nature's Best

  • Nordic Discovery is an approved Nature's Best organizer since 2007

Certification motivation

"Around the world, Nordic Discovery learned the trade in tourism. Back in the Swedish wilderness with long international experience, the company arranges, among other things, wildlife watching in canoes in The Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve's winding rivers and lakes. Key words are: local cooperation, carefully protecting and maintaining nature and showing visitors their way through the wilderness"

The Swedish Ecotourism Association, 22 November, 2007

We don't inherit nature from our parents, we borrow it from our children

The human race plays a huge part in determining the earth's future. Today, we drain and consume the earth's resources in a negative way. Our behavior affects other species of plants and animals, as well as the coming generations. Wilderness areas and wild animals are becoming more and more rare. Nordic Discovery works for the preservation and care of The Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve. Nordic Discovery operates in a respectful and environmentally-friendly way, and expects our visitors to do the same during their visits. Visitors are guests in the nature reserve, and are required to demonstrate responsibility and care. Not to harm and not to destroy. We have the right to enjoy Swedish nature, but there is also a duty to behave responsibly. No traces of human activity should be left at the spots you have visited. We wish you a warm welcome to the nature reserve and thank you for treating nature with respect

Preservation work along Håltjärnsbäcken

  • The brown trout's spawning grounds improves with pebble stones

Along the Håltjärnsbäcken Brook's winding course, lives a threatened species of river pearl mussels. The mussels were already in existence 80 million years ago and once coexisted with the dinosaurs. Nordic Discovery actively supports an improvement of the mussels’ environment. The goal is to recreate a healthy environment and maintain it into the future

As larvae, the mussels live as parasites on the brown trout’s gills. Without the brown trout there would be no river pearl mussels. Pictured is Nordic Discovery improving the brown trout's spawning grounds with pebble stones

The inheritance of nature - Something to take care of

  • One of the dams in one of the smaller brooks that flow into Håltjärnsbäcken

The spring flood along Håltjärnsbäcken is strong and risk to flush river pearl mussels away from their habitat. An annual measure, taken to reduce the impact of the spring floods, is to build and maintain dams in smaller brooks that flow into Håltjärnsbäcken

The river pearl mussel is an interesting species and on some of the tours we visit the hidden place of the mussel. Nordic Discovery educates visitors about the mussel’s impressive history and tell about the work being done to save this threatened species

Nordic Discovery organizes tours and operates in accordance with ecotourism standards and values

Nature’s Best's six basic principles:

1. Respect the limitations of the destination – minimise the negative impacts on local nature and culture 

Ecotourism is about preserving what the visitor has come to experience. The ecological and cultural capacity of each area must be respected. This means tour operators must have a thorough knowledge of the destination, a local presence and must work closely with others present in the area

2. Support the local economy

Ecotourism is about community development. Conservation can easily fail if local people object to it. Tangible benefits from tourism are a positive force. Each visitor contributes economically to the well-being of the destination by renting rooms, hiring local guides and purchasing goods and services. The more, the better

3. Make all of the operator's activities environmentally sustainable

Ecotour operators must set a good example of sound environmental practice. Approved operators have policies to minimise environmental impact (e.g. collective transport, sustainable lodging, waste management, etc…)

4. Contribute actively to nature and cultural conservation 

Ecotourism assumes responsibility for the protection of biodiversity and special cultural values. This means supporting nature preservation in various ways. Our operators cooperate to find ‘win-win’ ways of doing business

5. Promote knowledge, and respect and the joy of discovery

Ecotourism is about travelling with curiosity and a respectful mindset. Approved operators are competent hosts who provide visitors with a good introduction to the area. Good advice and guidance are often the key to a memorable trip

6. Quality and safety all the way

Ecotourism is quality tourism. Approved tours must meet and even exceed customers’ high expectations. Safety issues are taken very seriously, and satisfied customers are great in number. An approved tour operator is a trusted supplier and partner


The Swedish Ecotourism Association

Read more about ecotourism >>